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About The Author



Christine Hunter was in the thick of it during the period Sacramento’s trailblazing political women started to make their mark on the community. She served as a volunteer lobbyist for the Environmental Council of Sacramento, was a member of the Sacramento City Planning Commission, and was community relations consultant for Sacramento’s 18- mile light rail starter line. She co-managed campaigns, served in a “kitchen cabinet,” and helped many women candidates by plotting, scheming, licking envelopes, and walking precincts.


She was enjoying the fellowship of lunch with women friends, listening to the laughter, and basking in the camaraderie when she realized she was in the company of giants. These were not giants in size, but rather a group of strong, intelligent, compassionate women who had risen above society’s expectations to achieve more than they could have ever imagined.

Christine decided that their stories needed to be captured for posterity, for these were women who broke the glass ceiling before the term had even been coined. How did they do it? What obstacles did they overcome? What gave them the confidence to accomplish what societal norms had not even given them permission to do?

And with that, a book was born – a book that would encapsulate their path to service in the public domain in an arena that could only be described as a male-dominated power structure closed to women.

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