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Meet the Trailblazers


Anne Rudin served as the first elected female mayor of Sacramento from 1983-1992. Find out how she led on page 81.

Lauren Hammond was the first Black woman in Sacramento history to be elected to the city council in 1997. Learn what life changing event propelled her to run for office on page 42.

heather fargo_edited.jpg

Heather Fargo served on Sacramento's City Council and then as the city's mayor from 2000-2008. Discover how the effective use of the word "no" can shape a city's future on page 87.

Sandy Sheedy_edited.jpg

Discover what Sandy Sheedy witnessed on the campaign trail and how it influenced her as a Councilmember on page 66.


The Honorable Kim Mueller holding campaign walking shoes following her election to the Sacramento City Council in 1987. Find out if clothes make the woman on pages 76-77.

Who's Next?

Learn how you can prepare yourself to lead in The Next Chapter, beginning on page 149

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